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We provide hands-on business planning, fundraising and commercial support to academic and private sector start-ups and SMEs from across the technology spectrum.

Over the past eighteen years we have worked with teams from the UK’s leading universities and public sector research institutes in areas ranging from drug discovery to infrastructure resilience analytics, novel textiles to educational software, waste recycling to mobile telecoms, environmental consultancy to novel food products, and more besides.

Regardless of the technology or market application, we help you address the key questions faced by any new venture:

What is the nature and extent of the market opportunity for your product or service?
What financial and other resources will you need to gain market traction?
What is the most appropriate strategy for you, given the competitive landscape?
How much money will you need before the business is cash-positive, and how can you raise it?
Most importantly, who will you need to have on board if you are to turn your promising idea in to a successful business?

We can provide interim management support early in a new venture’s life when much has to be achieved with limited resources.

Honest, pragmatic advice based on sound commercial analysis is at the heart of everything we do.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you develop your great idea in to a great business.