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Our philosophy is simple: business development training and proposals training only make economic sense if they give fee-earners and support staff the practical skills and techniques they need to win quality work.

That is why we don’t do “off-the-shelf” packages. We deliver programmes whose content and format is tailored, in consultation with you, to reflect the realities of your business and your marketplace. Our objective: to enable you to win more work by translating the theory of winning, retaining and harvesting clients in to practical approaches that your team can apply in their real-life, daily activities.

Our training can take various forms, depending on your needs. From introductory sessions, to one or two-day workshops, to one-on-one coaching sessions, the choice is yours.

Whatever the format, training works best if it is realistic, fun and provides an opportunity for participants to practice the techniques involved. So, to bring things alive we make extensive use of “war stories” and bespoke case-studies. For an added “ring of truth”, we encourage involving buyers and users of your services and products.

We’ve developed bespoke BD and proposal training programmes for accountants, business consultants, lawyers and BD and marketing professionals in the UK, Europe, South America and Africa.

Please get in touch to discuss how we will help you grow your bottom-line by developing your people’s BD and tendering skills.