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Successful business development needs commitment, clarity of purpose and decisive action. Most important of all, though, are a deep awareness of your targets’ needs and an honest appreciation of what you have to offer them.

And in challenging times the focus needs to be as much on retaining and nurturing your existing clients and customers as on winning new ones.

We’ve helped top and mid-tier professional services firms and technology companies develop and implement highly focussed business development programmes that:

Have clear, measurable objectives;
Are based on a realistic assessment of how much time your people can devote to BD. There is, after all, nothing more pointless or demotivating than a BD plan that is high on aspiration and low on realism;
Are built on a solid analysis of your target clients’ key concerns and issues;
Are aligned with the Key Performance Indicators against which your people and profit centres are measured;
Strike the right balance between winning new clients and harvesting your existing client base through effective cross-selling and key account management.

Our BD services include:

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